360º Augmented Cars

Next Generation Vehicle Imagery for Platforms

CarRotate is a mobile app solution developed for online car dealers. CarRotate’s interactive 360º view displays rich vehicle information, improves user experience for your visitors and leads to higher conversion rates.

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Boost sales

Increase engagement and conversion rates on your website, and achieve quicker inventory move. Get regular intelligence reports on how users interact with your content.

Start effortlessly

CarRotate integrates seamlessly into your online operations as a consumable service or embedded content.

Stay ahead of the competition

We are always updating our services to reflect the latest and best technology available providing the highest quality for you.

Only the Features You Need

We have designed CarRotate to fulfill the needs online car dealers. We keep our services cutting edge, so you can focus on business growth.

360º VIEW

CarRotate’s 360º interactive view gives a more realistic experience. Better information increases trust and leads to more successful deals.


Add vehicle data, or embedded pictures to the 360 view and show all information to your customer in one place.


CarRotate’s design can be fully customised to fit your brand’s look.


Our high resolution technology allows close zooming to reveal details. Interior 360º views can be added for an even more immersive experience.


CarRotate includes hosting, cloud services, web and mobile management software and the 360 camera application. All you need for the perfect experience.


Our customer service is always ready to answer your questions.

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Frequently Asked Question

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Do I need special hardware to use CarRotate?
No. You only need a smartphone and install the CarRotate app. 
Which smartphones are compatible with CarRotate?
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Can I integrate CarRotate into my website?
Can I use CarRotate with my own brand?

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Available for iPhone & Android

CarRotate is available for all major mobile ecosystems.

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