Affordable, All in One Vehicle Turntable Solution

CarRotate Turntables are versatile, cost-effective equipments developed for car dealerships. The rotating stage is supported with an all-platform mobile application and automatized content management system. CarRotate provides very quick, top of the line quality interactive photo creation process, like turntable view, inner 360 and detail images.

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Photo studio system

You can create rotatable turntable views, interior 360 panoramas, and detail shots in a couple of minutes. The high-quality content is automatically uploaded, stored, and can be hosted on any advertisement website.

Rotating showroom experience

You can use the CarRotate Turntable to demonstrate and highlight new, or used vehicles. It can be built in- or outside.

Garage parking assistance

Turntables can built with sunk-in design so it can be installed in tight, hardly parkable garage areas. The rotating surface can be controlled with remote controller or mobile application.

What is in the package?

CarRotate Turntable is an all in one, multi-purpose system with default and customisable features for all uses detailed above.

Built to Work - Built to Last

All the materials, designs and software applications are created, manufactured and quality controlled within the EU. The default, 5 meters diameter wide rotating stage structure is designed to bear and spin vechicles up to 4 tons for many years. The engine and the control system endure all weather conditions, so it can be built in- or outdoors, and it is available with a raised stage or sunk-in the floor design.

Quality Ensures Performance

The package contains the Turntable structure, engine, controll components and the downloadable CarRotate Controller app for unlimited number of devices. We can deliver the prefabricated component package with assembly instructions or build and start-up the installation on site, ready to use within a few weeks from order. We can design and set up customised additions or variations on demand.

Direct acces to your ad on any website

Content uploading to the project folder on your server

Chassis/plate number recognition-based project folder creation

Automated turntable view photo shooting

Detail pictures photo shooting

Remote controlling the 360 panorama camera with preview, delete and recapture functions

Picture sorting, light adjusting, stiching and editing - with default settings or manual post-production

Remote controlled turntable movements

Mobile Controller Application

With a downloadable mobile application, the turntable can be controlled easily. The whole system can be used with a dedicated mobile application, instead of using expensive cameras. Create rotatable turntable views, 360 panoramas and detail images with your phone without the need to learn using expensive professional studio photography devices.

Watch How It Works

CarRotate Samples

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Frequently Asked Question

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What do I need to use CarRotate?
You only need our turntable and a smartphone to get started.
Which smartphones are compatible with CarRotate?
Does it take long to learn CarRotate?
Can I integrate CarRotate into my website?
Can I use CarRotate with my own brand?

Cloud storage

All of our packages comes with 1 year cloud storage subscription, where created projects can be managed. Our project management system is extended with functions to help users hosting their turntable projects. Projects can be embedded into ads or sites within seconds.

Light version

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  • 5m diameter turntable
  • 2Gb cloud storage (min. 40 projects)
  • Mobile control and camera application
  • DIY turntable assembly

Professional photo studio

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  • 5m diameter turntable
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Controller station
  • DSLR exterior camera
  • 360 interior camera
  • Lighting equipment
  • Assembly service

Turntable Specifications

Diameter [mm]
Payload [kg]
Project time [min]
Height [mm]


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